2nd Philippine Innovation Convention

June 26, 2018

Makati Shangri-la

(0926) 487 0483


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The 2nd Philippine Innovation Convention, also known as PHINCON 2018 is the second annual event of the Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission, Inc. [PIEMI], moving forward in 2018, among innovators in our contemporary society. The PHINCON coincides the awarding ceremony among the honorees of the 2018 Philippine Innovation Man of the Year [PHINMAN], and the 2018 Pinoy Leadership Innovation Awards. The 2nd Philippine Innovation Convention or PHINCON 2018 is slated on the 26th of June 2018 in Makati Shangri-La.

The ‘Philippine Innovation Convention 2018’ radiates a global innovation towards spotlighting entrepreneurship for the world. Learning the rubrics on the best practices includes minds and concepts that optimize the spectrum of global solidarity through business innovation and opportunities.

PHINCON 2018 articulates the continuing excellence and development of the Philippines in highlighting a world stage. This year’s theme is, “Innovation through Continuing Business Excellence,” which focuses on continuous improvement regardless of brand new disruptive ideas.

Traditionally, the 2nd Philippine Innovation Convention defines multilateral innovative stories of successes among Filipino entrepreneurs and enterprises which are imperative to the advocacy agenda of the Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission.

The Convention will bring together key stakeholders for:

Appreciation of today’s innovation models;

Understand the valuation of successful entrepreneurs and enterprises;

Share best practices including the appreciation of its cause for the society; and,

Participatory cooperation through volunteerism, partnership, and dynamic collaboration.

PHINCON 2018 defines the success of innovation through social entrepreneurship optimizing ordinary stories but are simply appreciated and valued extraordinarily. The celebration of the 2018 Philippine Innovation Man of the Year awardees, including the Honorees of the 2018 Pinoy Leadership Innovation Awards composes new investments paradigms.

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Makati Shangri-la
June 26, 2018
(0926) 487 0483